Bit.Country Partnership | Kaosland Dojo Collection

Who is Bit.Country?

Bit.Country is a Metaverse as a Service Platform (MaaS) where users can launch their own metaverse project in 12 seconds. Each metaverse comes with an NFT Marketplace, Map Engine, Land Economy, NFT Facilities and Customizable 3D World Engine, where community owners, influencers, KOLs, and individuals can launch their own metaverses for their members, fans, followers, families, and friends.

What is Kaosland?

With an initial 26,000 stakeholders and 30% of Bit.Country Pioneer’s total land block supply, the Kaosland metaverse will be the first community-owned, partially treasury-owned metaverse within the Bit.Country ecosystem. You can count on it becoming the biggest metaverse in the Bit.Country Pioneer System!

What is Kaosland Dojo Collection?

MetaDojo is honored to be selected as one of Bit.Country’s official partners when it comes to virtual land development. As Chris Carmona, Bit.Country Head of Growth, pointed out in the video, MetaDojo’s designer 3D spaces offer the land owners an customizable, affordable and scalable solution.

How will it actually work?

It will be a very straightforward process and detailed information will be published by Bit.Country. Please note that the images below are indicative only and are subject to changes and updates as development work unfolds.

What else can I do inside the #Dojos?

On top of the aesthetically designed 3D spaces, all Dojos are NFTs that come equipped with ever-growing features that are focused on facilitate metaverse socialization and virtual economy, such as —

  • Façade material customization
  • Personalized signage
  • Prop placement
  • Text & voice chat

About MetaDojo

Dojos are versatile and customizable 3D buildings that can be embedded to websites or deployed to metaverses with ease. Inside these purpose-built metaverse buildings, owners can display and trade their NFT collections, promote products and services, reward users for content created or missions completed, host virtual meetings and events, and much more.



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