Development Updates + the Meta Pyramids

Meta Pyramids

A Summary of Technical Achievements from April to August 2022

  • Directional light and avatar shadows
  • Different materials depending on the GPU Tier
  • Added MorphTarget handling
  • Magic Seed and Plant integration
  • Better avatar control, mouse sensibility settings and free camera view
  • Updated avatar top texture function
  • New rayline setup
  • Added multiplayer ability
  • Improved avatar movements
  • Added fire particle system
  • More avatar animations such as walk back and different dances
  • We added a functionality which allows the streaming of any video content to 3D spaces. While webcam streaming is already a quite common feature among metaverse protocols, our solution makes it possible to stream video directly from external services such as Zoom. This feature is especially useful for multi-user events, for instance virtual conferences, exhibitions and AMA.
  • We relaunched our official website with a new design and more content to better reflect the solutions we are building and delivering.
  • The workflow and control panels are greatly improved, making all interactions much easier for future Dojo owners and Creators.

A Sneak Peek at the Meta Pyramids

Atelier Changphel

What to expect in the August event?

About MetaDojo



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