Fueling Ancient Cultures with Web3 Thinking

MetaDojo invites you to an immersive metaverse exhibition of the special collections from Atelier Changphel

Atelier Changphel

Atelier Changphel is a high-end interior lifestyle brand rooted in the culture of Tibet. They value the life and art nourished by the snowy homeland, and strive to pass on the time-honored craftsmanship, fusing the Tibetan tradition with modern aesthetic to deliver premium creations that belong to the world of today.

“Changphel” in Tibetan means “Northern Tibetan wool”. It is also the precious raw material used by Studio Changphel, the handcrafted Tibetan rug workshop owned by Atelier Changphel. The process of selecting and making Tibetan rugs carries the wisdom of the ancient Tibetan culture and the symbiosis between heaven and earth. In a time when time has become the greatest luxury, they adhere to the pace of purely manual process and closely connect with nature to bring the thickness of history and the temperature of life into every knot of Tibetan rugs through the hands of our craftsmen.

Meta Pyramids

Atelier Changphel represents thousand years long cultures and traditions, but the team behind it are forward thinkers. Not only that they started a Web3 collection featuring Bored Ape and CryptoPunks NFT, they have gone one step ahead planning for retailing in the metaverse.

When they approached the MetaDojo team for collaboration, we came up with the idea of hosting a metaverse exhibition while working on their own Dojo as their future metaverse store. A combination of ancient cultures and futuristic thinking, Meta Pyramids is the perfect place to host our August community event — an immersive experience of Atelier Changphel’s luxury handmade Tibetan rugs.

2022 August Community Event

Where: https://www.metadojo.io/events

When: 10AM UTC 31 August to 10AM UTC 7 September, 2022


  • One lucky winner of a premium Tibetan rug (61*91cm)
  • Two lucky winners of two premium Tibetan placemats each (18*30cm)
  • Three lucky winners of four premium Tibetan cup mats each (13*13cm)

How to win

Step 1: Enter the metaverse exhibition. Don’t forget you can customise the skybox from 4 selections (Day, Sunset, Night & Moon).

Step 2: Look around the Meta Pyramids and take screenshots of your favourite rugs (Shift + P) for sharing on social media because you won’t be able to resist the fabulous photo frame!

Step 3: Find the rainbow goat which will trigger the Gleam competition page.

Step 4: Complete all tasks to get into the luck draw.

Mobile Device Accessibility

One new feature you will notice is that users are now able to access our beautifully designed 3D spaces via mobile devices. Please note that this is the very first version of our virtual joystick and our engineers are tirelessly working on improvements. Any feedback and suggestions, please email to support@metadojo.io.

Virtual Joystick

Immerse yourself in Atelier Changphel’s best collections in the magnificent Meta Pyramids. May our creations bring you warm companionship and the passion and courage to pursue life!

About MetaDojo

Dojos are versatile and customizable 3D buildings that can be embedded to websites or deployed to metaverses with ease. Inside these purpose-built metaverse buildings, owners can display and trade their NFT collections, promote products and services, reward users for content created or missions completed, host virtual meetings and events, and much more.

Creators are significant contributors to the MetaDojo ecosystem, by turning their valuable skills and experience to professional services and/or NFTs listed in the marketplace.

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