MetaDojo Web 2.0 Solution Alpha is Here!

The wait is over, we are ready to welcome pilot users to trial and own our Dojo! Apply for a free trial and go to the moon together!

The Web 2.0 Solution

The Mission upon which MetaDojo is built states “Contributing to the transformation of the internet economy and social interactions from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0”. To achieve this overarching mission, one of the three aspects of our Vision is “Assisting Web 3.0 mass adoption by offering website-integrable 3D virtual worlds to individuals, businesses and organizations”.

MetaDojo has foreseen the long-tailed adoption curve of Web3 and under the current market conditions, we believe that it is imperative for Web3 projects to first build solutions that help bridge the gap between existing internet platforms and the decentralized world. And that is exactly what we are doing with our Web2 solution. Our desire is for our users to introduce the new dimension of the metaverse by having their own functional 3D space (what we call ‘Dojos’), directly embedded in their website and/or social media platforms. They own this Dojo in the form of NFT. In this little world, the owner will be able to customize many elements of the Dojo without any technical skills, display images, NFTs and videos, interact with and reward visitors, and host social events.

A New Collection of Eight Dojos

To mark the alpha launch of our web2 solution, eight stunning new Dojos are premiered covering different architectural styles, ranging from neo-gothic to contemporary, from art deco to retro futuristic. See below for a brief description of each Dojo. Make sure to visit our official website and jump into each one of them to have an immersive experience yourself!

🏯Serpentine House: A classic temporary building that is dynamic and spacious.

🏯House of Delight: A fun and playful take on Miami Art Deco buildings that is elegant yet vibrant.

🏯Starseed Centre: A contemporary transparent space set in a mystical Arctic setting.

🏯Space Pods Village: Retro-futurism where multiple space pods from a neat village-like complex.

🏯Courtyard Paradiso: Traditional Italian Renaissance courtyard meets abstract modernity in this light versatile space.

🏯Arch of Illumination: A modern platform inserted into a spacious neo-gothic archway.

🏯Westworld Tavern: Play out your favourite cowboy themes and more in this fun interpretation of this iconic typology.

🏯The Fold: A classic contemporary space inspired by Japanese origami.

Looking for something bigger and grander for your business or community? Our team is working on a few larger spaces that are perfect for AMA, expo and conferences, you can see some past examples here. Contact with clear partnership proposals.

Five New Avatars

To enhance your metaverse experience, MetaDojo teamed up with Read Play Me to introduce the first batch of our exciting new avatars! From the from left to right, the MetaDojo Squad are —

🥷Jakob XXXIII: A prince royalty till his family got overthrown by traitors that teamed up with the evil invaders.

🥷Avery: A special Android agent trained from birth, possessing super speed and strength.

🥷Pink Bear: Lost bear looking to get home but also holds the secret of the MetaDojo universe.

🥷Layla: Ex-space farm girl turned kick-ass ninja with mind control abilities looking to save her exotic home planet now over-run by evil invaders.

🥷Xavier: A charismatic, street smart and cheeky entrepreneur who joined the mission for personal gains but had a change of heart.

Customize Your Own Dojo!

As a Dojo owner, you will have access to the MyDojo Portal, where you are able to perform the following customization to make the 3D space truly your own.

📌 Skybox Customization: Pick from the beautifully designed skybox scenes that fits best with the space and your mood.

📌 Material Customization: Don’t like the wall color? You can change it. There are many parts of the Dojos, from exterior to interior, that you are allowed to change the material for.

📌 Live Chat: We understand the success of the Dojo depends on its utilities when it comes to facilitating social interactions. Players can chat with one and another through the live chat functionality.

📌 Uploading Images & Videos: The frames on walls inside the Dojos are where the owner can upload and display still images and/or videos.

📌 Many more in the pipeline…

Free Trial

The dawn of a new age is here and you have an opportunity to usher in! We know you can’t wait, therefore we are inviting a group of pilot users to participate in our alpha launch in the form of a 90-day free trial. If your application is accepted, a Dojo along with admin access and a unique URL will be assigned to you. You can use the space freely in the next three months. At the end of the Trial period, there could be payable fees if you wish to continue using the space and own it as an NFT. However, if you have customized your Dojo space, given the team feedback and helped promote our work, these fees could be waived at the discretion of MetaDojo.

If you believe you can contribute, register here. Spaces are limited, so don’t delay! Remember to tell us why you should be chosen and how you envisage using and promoting your Dojo.

About MetaDojo

Dojos are versatile and customizable 3D buildings that can be embedded to websites or deployed to metaverses with ease. Inside these purpose-built metaverse buildings, owners can display and trade their NFT collections, promote products and services, reward users for content created or missions completed, host virtual meetings and events, and much more.

Creators are significant contributors to the MetaDojo ecosystem, by turning their valuable skills and experience to professional services and/or NFTs listed in the marketplace.

Need more information about MetaDojo?

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We build ready-to-use & customizable NFT spaces for the Metaverse and websites

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We build ready-to-use & customizable NFT spaces for the Metaverse and websites