Your Red Carpet Invitation to MetaDojo’s Contemporary Dojo Exhibition

What are ‘Dojos’?

Show me the Dojos!

Meng Gong, MetaDojo Art Director

Interview with Our Art Director, Miss M

M: As a child and young adult, I was always drawing and coming up with new ideas. Sadly most of these ideas were only in my head, and even after over a decade of work in the building industry most of them never got implemented. I think the beauty of the metaverse is that it provides this almost limitless platform for creativity. No building codes, no council restrictions, no budgets and no gravity! It is basically a dream come true, and I cannot wait to see what other designs and universes we come up with!

M: My role involves overseeing all of the aesthetic and visionary developments of MetaDojo. A typical day involves designing 3D space and buildings, avatars, and lots of brainstorming to dream up new experiences for our users. Currently we are also looking at future pathways for MetaDojo and what we can offer as a creative platform, including expansions in our products as well as collaborations with others. Other than that, a lot of tea!

M: I’m hugely influenced by Louis Kahn, aka “The father of modern architecture”, as well as the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, both of which created a lot of engaging spaces through their mastery of our senses. I also get a lot of cool and innovative ideas from contemporary Japanese architecture. For this #MagicSeed event my favourite dojo is the Stacked Gallery. It offers a unique spatial experience, there is a strong contrast between the positive and negative spaces which makes it interesting to walk through.

The Magic Seed Event for May 2022

From a Magic Seed to a Secret Tree

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